ESCINC has been providing services to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA/USDOT) on several Civil Engineering and Construction projects since its inception. 

With regard to Civil Engineering services, ESCINC has provided specialized technical support services in laboratory soils testing, in-situ soils testing, and borehole inspections in addition to geotechnical design and analyses. ESCINC's staff is also experienced in providing technical services in the area of asphalt binders and mixtures. Comprehensive laboratory testing of asphalt binders and mixtures is provided by ESCINC's staff.

Through its commitment to quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction, ESCINC is dedicated to making a valuable contribution to CE and Construction areas. As a testament to its success, ESCINC has cultivated an excellent relationship with its government customer, FHWA and has been retained on several projects since 1997. 



For further information please contact ESCINC at (703) 421-4004 or via e-mail at

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